CougarsPlay Hookup

As most of you know I’ve had my fair share of hookups thanks to CougarsPlay. I recently hooked up with a woman I met on the site and I felt like I just had to share the experience here. I had logged into the site just like I would on any other day and about two minutes after doing so I received an instant message from a Cougar claiming that she had been browsing my profile and got really turned on by it. I was hesitant to believe her at first but as the conversation went on I became pretty sure that this was going to be my next CougarsPlay hookup. Turns out I was right, we ended up meeting that same night and this lady was a total freak, turns out her husband has been gone on business for over six months and she hasn’t had sex the entire time. Since our first meeting we have already had another two hookups and I don’t think we’ll be stopping any time soon! If you’d like to find your own Cougar, check out!

My Cougar Advice

I have spent a lot of time using CougarsPlay to find older mature women in my area that are looking to have a good time. For the most part I have been successful and I thought my readers might be interested in hearing a few pointers I have for anyone that is looking to meet cougars. If you are looking for a great place to start then Cougars Play would be a great place to do so. The site has a lot of members but isn’t over crowded like some of the other dating sites. After signing up for the site I would recommend contacting as many women as possible, dating is mostly a numbers game after all. The more people you reach out to, the better the chances of finding a hookup. One thing that isn’t uncommon on CougarsPlay is having women actually contact you first. You will be very surprised by how many horny women are on the site and are simply looking for casual sex. If you are ready to check out the site you can do so by visiting!

CougarsPlay Older Women

As the title of the site might suggest, CougarsPlay is a site that is for older women who are looking for younger men also known as “cubs”. The site doesn’t have as many members as some of the other online dating sites I have used, but I think that’s a good thing. It kinda seems like the secret isn’t out on Cougars Play yet, because I’m sure once it is there are going to be thousands of guys just like me who are flocking to the site to try and get their piece of the action. Since I was in high school I have always had some sort of fascination with older women and this site is literally PERFECT for that. If you have been looking to hookup with a woman in her thirties, or maybe even her mid fourties, then CougarsPlay is the site for you. Check it out and let me know what you think!

My Date On CougarsPlay

Hello fellow CougarsPlay users and readers of my blog. It’s been awhile since my last post so I figured I would update everyone on my latest member encounter. I’ve had more than my fair share of hookups thanks to the site, but this last one was one of the best experiences I’ve had in quite awhile. While browsing the new members in my area I spotted a woman who was twice my age, but easily one of the most attractive women I’ve ever laid eyes on. I decided to send her a message and to my surprise I had a response waiting for me when I got home that night. Things started off slow, she admitted to being a little shy, I’d imagine this was because she had just joined CougarsPlay. After two days of online chatting things really started to heat up. My new crush and I started sharing nude pics with each other, something I had never done before, but I must admit I really enjoyed it. Not long after we started exchanging pics we decided we should meat up in person. Although I was nervous, things went well. Really well. Since we started hooking up I’ve actually stopped talking to all my other CougarsPlay buddies!

CougarsPlay Dating

CougarsPlay has officially been serving the adult dating community for a couple weeks now. Hopefully you’ve taken the time to see what the site has to offer, I’ve certainly been enjoying all of the benefits. Much like a lot of dating sites when they first start CougarsPlay doesn’t have a massive members area. With time this will certainly grow though, and before long I’m confident that there won’t be any other place on the web you’ll want to visit. I’m not afraid to admit that everyday I look forward to logging into the members area to see what cougar might be wanting to hook up. Most dating sites are overrun with guys just wanting to fuck, and while I don’t blame the guys it does make it hard to find available female members. With CougarsPlay it’s the women that are hunting the guys! The site is filled with primarily women over the age of 30 that want nothing more than a discreet sexual relationship. Sounds too good to be true right? Check out for yourself!

CougarsPlay Official Launch

Although CougarsPlay has been running for a month or two, the grand opening is only a couple days away! As readers of my blog know I have been using the site with great success, and that’s with a relatively small member base. I’m sure that once the site is being advertised and the public knows about its awesome capabilities the ease of finding sexy cougars will greatly increase. If you haven’t already checked out everything that Cougars Play has to offer, I highly suggest doing so. I’m not afraid to admit that out of all the women I have hooked up with via online dating sites I’m more addicted to Cougars than any other women I have found online. Maybe it’s their experience, or the fact that they’re independent…. I’m not too sure, but I love it! If you’ve been hunting for a cougar to spice up your love life, check out for the experience of a lifetime.

CougarsPlay Is Hot!

CougarsPlay has continued to deliver for me and has provided yet another awesome experience. After four or five days of chatting and exchanging emails with a member named “Nikki” we finally decided on meeting at her place after I got off work. Her house was about a 45 min drive from my office, but the trip was more than worth it. Nikki is the third woman I have met on CougarsPlay and she was just as fun as my other encounters. Unlike the other two women I met I have kept in touch with Nikki and we actually have plans to hang out again. Having more then a one night stand was not part of my original plan when I started using CougarsPlay, but it’s good to know that the Cougars aren’t just looking to use and abuse us cubs haha! Be sure to check back soon for my next update!

CougarsPlay Free Trial

CougarsPlay has continued to deliver great results for me. This week though, I’m not here to talk about my experiences with cougars. Instead I’d like to inform anyone who follows my blog that CougarsPlay is now allowing people to sign up for free! I’m not sure how long this offer is going to last but it’s a great opportunity for anyone who is thinking about joining to utilize the free trial offer and see if they like what they see. Obviously this is just my personal opinion but I find the variety of cougars on the site is unmatched by any other dating site out there. If you’re a “cub” like myself and you’re seeking that experienced, one of a kind sex appeal that only an older woman can provide, joining CougarsPlay┬áreally is a no brainer. Anyone else who has experience using the site is free to post their stories here, simply leave a comment on any of my posts!

CougarsPlay WORKS!

Well I’ve now had the opportunity to use CougarsPlay for a couple weeks now. As expected I did meet some weird people on the site, but I think that kinda comes with the territory. The older women I have met have more then made up for the not so great experiences I had with other members. I’m not going to give out her CougarsPlay username, but the woman I met was named Amanda. She’s in the middle of a divorce right now and has two kids, so any sort of serious relationship was definitely out of the question for this 35 year old Cougar. Let me be clear though, I’ll without a doubt be going back for seconds. Amanda is the sexiest, horniest person I’ve met so far on CougarsPlay. Spending the evening with her truly was a pleasure and I’ll surely be back for more. Till my next update, Happy Hunting! If anyone else has any stories to share, feel free.


CougarsPlay is a new online dating site that I have recently started using. I would like to utilize this blog to talk about the encounters I have on the site, both good and bad. Other users are more then welcome to post their CougarsPlay stories here too. Simply leave a comment on any of the posts I make and I will post your story up for you. Like most other people I have just started using the site. So far I am pretty impressed with the people I have met here! As the title might suggest Cougars Play caters to women who are older then 30 and seeking “cub love”. If you have been seeking an older woman, I highly suggest checking out!